We stock a large range of consumables for both CO2 and Fiber lasers including the following:
  • Nozzle adapters
  • Nozzles
  • WACS
  • Fe
  • F
  • W
  • Eco nozzles
  • CO2 focusing lenses
  • Fiber laser protection glass
W Nozzle

Water type nozzle with or without collar.

Standard Amada Nozzle

Single and double nozzles.

Octagonal Protection Glass

Fiber laser protection glass.

Nozzle Adapter

F1 / M II and fiber laser nozzle adapters with inner.


1.5″ dia and 2″ dia lenses in stock. 5″ or 7.5″ focal lengths.

Insulating part

Insulating ring.

Fe Nozzle

Fe nozzles with or without collar in stock.

F Nozzle

Popular “F” nozzles in stock for fiber laser.

Double Amada nozzle

Full range of nozzles in stock.

CC Nozzle

Clean Cut nozzle.