We stock a large range of consumables for both CO2 and Fiber lasers including the following:
  • Ceramic cones and isolating rings
  • Nozzles
  • Focusing lenses
    • 4-05094 – 5” Standard lens
    • 4-07475 – 5” Ultra low absorption lens
    • 4-05095 – 7.5” Standard lens
    • 4-07476 – 7.5” Ultra low absorption lens
  • Fiber laser protection glass
    • 10045746
  • Sapphire Debris Shield
    • 10086368 ; 10071591 ; 10145862
  • Nozzle bodies
  • Bellows
Protective Window

Fiber laser protective window and Sapphire Debris Shield in stock.

Nozzle holder Byspeed

Nozzle bodies in stock.

Nozzle Body

Fiber laser nozzle body.

NK Double Nozzles

Full range of nozzles in stock.


5″ and 7.5″ Ultra low absorption MP-5 compatible lenses in stock.

HK Nozzle

Full range of nozzles in stock.

Water Connectors

Cutting head water connectors in stock.

Cleaning Swabs

Protective window cleaning swabs.

Ceramic 3-13422

Ceramic cones and isolating rings.

Laser Consumables Store

Replacement beam and rail bellows.

10075057 Sleeve

Sleeve for Fiber Laser in stock.

10074594 Auto Nozzle Changer Nozzle Body

Nozzle body for plug in type nozzles.

10064099 Nozzle body

Nozzle body for fiber laser.

10011659 Byspeed nozzle body.

Replacement nozzle body.

4-09010 Ceramic

Ceramic isolating ring.

4-01959 Ceramic

Ceramic cone.

2-08701 Nozzle Body

Bysprint nozzle body.

2-08700 Shield

Shield in stock.